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If you can solve a Rubik's cube and love to solve it then, “Yes! Your are a cuber”.

Beginner method or as we say LBL(Layer by Layer) method is easy to learn and a good one to start with.

It's not fixed. There are many famous methods called Fridrich method or CFOP, ROUX, ZZ, Waterman method etc. Each and every single one has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you are willing to start learning how to solve for the first time, then go with the Layer by Layer method. It's easy !

They both are the name of one single method. Hahaha :D

There are numerous methods available for solving Rubik's cube. Layer by layer method, corner first method, Petrus method, Roux, Fridrich or CFOP, ZZ, Waterman, Ortega, Heise, Synder etc. methods.

Solving first two layers together, not separately.

Orienting last layer. After first two layer are solved, then making all the top layer faces same color. Suppoese, if your top layer face is yellow, then after using OLL, it will become yellow !

There are 57 possible cases for this situation. So, OLL has total 57 algorithms. (Don't be afraid, they are too much easy ! Believe me !)

Permuting last layer. After making all the top layer faces same color, you need to take every pieces to it's correct position. There are 21 possible cases for this. So, 21 algorithms.

Zbigniew Zborowski method. A very fast speedsolving method contains a lot of algorithms. Nobody could ever learn and use all the algorithms of this method.

If you use OLL and PLL you need 2 algorithms to solve the last layer. But in ZZ you use only one algorithm and your cube is solved. It's an alter to the OLL and PLL. But there are 501 cases for this, So 501 algorithms !!! (now you are allowed to get scared ! ).

It's an advance method by which one can make a cross on top/last layer while inserting/solving the last f2l pair. There are 32 extreme easy cases for this. Believe me, when I say extreme easy ! It really is.

Jessica Fridrich is the inventor of Fridrich method which is the most famous speedcubing method in the world.

Erno Rubik invented rubik's cube in 1975. All credits goes to him.

There are many methods to solve rubik's cube. Some are slow, some are fast, some are move efficient etc. Methods by which one can solve rubik's cube very fast is considered as advanced method. Such as fridrich method, roux, zz etc.

I think there will always remain these kinds of questions like who is best – Messi or Ronaldo, Maradona or Pele !!! In cubing world, there are many good cubes. Some are very much good. But it's up to you to choose which cube suits you most.

I think this is the most asked question in cubing world ! There is no shortcut way to be fast at cubing. You need to be determined and regular at cubing. Practice ! Practice ! Practice !

Practice ! Practice ! Practice !

Our tutorial coming soon ! Stay tuned !

Ao = average of. So, Ao5 = average of five solves.

WCA is short form of World Cube Association. They controls all the cubing competition and provide the rules and regulations. Any competition which is not recognized by WCA is not counted as official.

Coming soon ! Stay tuned !

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